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The Girault group resulting from the merger between a company specializing in hotel auditing and another focused on real estate represents a powerful synergy between two key areas of the industry. By combining the hotel auditing company’s cutting-edge expertise in evaluating hotel operations with the real estate company’s strategic vision in the construction and development sector, the group offers a comprehensive approach to optimize performance overall projects. This unique collaboration strives to meet the growing needs of the market by offering integrated solutions ranging from in-depth hotel performance analysis to efficient property management. The group aspires to redefine the standards of quality and efficiency in the hotel auditing and real estate sectors by offering innovative and personalized services to its clients, thus strengthening its position as a pioneering leader in these related areas.


The Group


For 11 years, Girault Group has been synonymous with excellence in the field of high-end service. We are proud to announce that our journey has been marked by evolution and expansion, with particular attention paid to two of our emblematic subsidiaries: Girault-Pasqué and Girault Properties.

Our services


The elite of auditing and customer experience combined with the art of Real Estate research in Mauritius and in major international cities such as Pairs, London, Zurich, Dubai or Milan. Prestige experience in the world of high-end hotels and restaurants combined with expertise in prestigious real estate, the Girault group offers you a range of services in quality audit and real estate.

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